Michael Moore Says He’s Looking Forward To Trump Family Members ‘In Orange Jumpsuits’ In 2019

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Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore said that he is looking forward to “as many members of the Trump family in orange jumpsuits as possible” in 2019.

Moore’s comments came in response to MSNBC host Chris Hayes’ question Friday night about what the filmmaker was “most looking forward to” in the coming year.


“As many members of the Trump family in orange jump suits as possible,” said Moore, laughing.

“That seems mean spirited,” Hayes joked back.

“It’s really the wrong way to end such a festive time of the year with such animosity toward those who would do wrong to this country, but yes,” said Moore. (RELATED: Michael Moore Blames Obama For Trump Michigan Win)

When Hayes told the documentary filmmaker that even the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., “has told people that he expects an indictment,” Moore responded by agreeing and adding Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to the list.

Moore then expressed his belief that a Trump indictment is something that probably “won’t happen” because “Trump got away with everything for 40 years” in New York.

“That streak shouldn’t end this year, more than likely, because Trump has always been careful to be not in the room when the crime is being committed,” said Moore.

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