A Weekend Of Liberal Meltdowns And Freak-Outs

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On the last Daily Daily Caller Podcast of 2018 we bring you up to date on the government shutdown, which no one seems to care about, and point out how Senate Republicans could have forced a vote on $5 billion for the border wall if they wanted to. We talk about this weekend’s episode of Meet The Press, which went full-blown activist on the subject of climate change, declaring dissenting opinions unacceptable and banning them from the show. And there were two liberal freak-outs captured on video in the case of a few days; one took place in a video game store, the other in a vape shop. Both have to be heard to be believed. All that and more on today’s show.

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We are well into week two of the government shutdown and no one seems to care, it’s barely news. But Republicans could have won this fight, or at least forced a vote in the Senate on the $5 billion to build a border wall, if they’d really wanted to. The rules of the Senate could have been employed by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell if he wanted a vote. That he didn’t, and that the White House wasn’t applying public pressure on him, makes you wonder if they really wanted one. We explain it all.

Meet The Press was all about climate change Sunday, at least the liberal side of the discussion. NBC News personality and host Chuck Todd opened the show by declaring there would be no debate. No guests were invited who question science by vote rather than proof, and such would not be tolerated.

Science, of course, isn’t majority vote and banning the ability to question is decidedly anti-science. That didn’t stop the once-great news program from allowing liberal lies and misinformation out on their airwaves. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg told whoppers that went unchallenged by Todd, either because he didn’t know any better or he didn’t care. Neither is acceptable. We have the audio and truth.

Two liberals have their snowflake freak-outs captured on video, and both went viral over the weekend. A man claiming to be a women, though the only indication of that was a little make-up and hoop earrings, blew up at a video game store clerk for calling him “sir.” Another millennial working in a vape story in Georgia lost his mind over a customer wearing a MAGA hat and Trump t-shirt. We have the audio and deliver the mocking they so rightly deserve.

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