Here Are The Top 10 Best Sports And Entertainment Moments Of 2018

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Jena Greene Reporter
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It’s hard to believe that we’re saying goodbye to 2018.

This year has been absolutely packed with borderline unbelievable moments in the sports and entertainment world. Remember when the Olympics happened? And the World Cup? And when Kanye met the president? Yeah. That all happened this year.

Take a look back at some of the craziest moments of the year and take a deep breath. Because 2019 is almost sure to be another wild ride.

1.) The Eagles won their very first Super Bowl. And suddenly, everybody was trying the Philly Special.

2.) Pyeongchang, South Korea hosted the 2018 Winter Olympics, where we watched both North and South Korea march under a united flag.

3.) For the first time in over 40 years, the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup:

4.) In a matter of a year, Meghan Markle picked up her entire life, picked up her entire life and moved to London, married Prince Harry, became the Duchess of Sussex and announced her pregnancy:

5.) LeBron James shocked the world when he swapped maroon for yellow and became LABron (for a cool $154 mil):


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Be chosen then become the CHOSEN 1. Photo cred. @lucnewton(fire pic he took while I was watching @jhart & @sviat_10 work)

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Can’t even front, it’s just felt different! Goosebumps! #striveforgreatness #thekidfromakron

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6.) Kanye West went to the White House, and it felt like the Twilight Zone:

7.) Pete Davidson had a rocky year, but he gave us one of the best political moments in a decade:

8.) The Miami Dolphins, yes, the Miami Dolphins, slayed the dragon and beat the Patriots in one of the best 10 seconds of football you’ll ever see:

9.) After 40 games and only three wins, Hue Jackson got fired and Baker Mayfield made the Browns great again:

10.) Kansas City Royals pitcher Brad Singer gave his parents — and most of the internet — a present when he paid off his family’s entire mortgage:

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