Starr Says An Investigation Should Be Opened Into NYT’s Story On FBI Investigating Trump

(Fox News 1/14/2019)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Former special prosecutor Ken Starr said on Monday that there should be an investigation to uncover who at the FBI had leaked information to the New York Times.

The resulting story, published Friday, revealed the fact that high-level officials had opened an investigation into President Donald Trump after he fired FBI Director James Comey. The FBI opened the investigation in the eight-day window in May of 2017 after Comey was fired but before the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel.


“I hope that the report will, in fact, be a report that is consistent with Department of Justice practice, which is you don’t bring scurrilous charges, you don’t make charges against people in reports. You either charge them, that is to say that you file an indictment, or you don’t. And I think that that is Bob Mueller’s ultimate responsibility,” Starr stated.

Carlson noted that there might be a more concerning dynamic in play, suggesting that some people might be “just leaking against people they don’t like.” (RELATED: Ken Starr Kills Chris Cuomo’s Spirit After Telling Him There Was No Russian Collusion)

Starr followed up, “That is terrible, in fact, let me comment on that, if I may.”

“When I read The New York Times article, my first reaction was we need an investigation right now as to who leak to this. We think we know. What was their motivation? And why the timing? This was many months ago and there’s been no suggestion whatsoever to support this outrageous charge against the president,” he continued.

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