Prevent Accidents With The Lanmodo Night Vision System For Your Car

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There is simply no avoiding driving at night. Maybe you are a truck driver who spends large amounts of time on the road in utter darkness. Or maybe you just have to drive to and fro work in the wintertime, when most of the sunlit hours are spent in the office. You might feel comfortable driving at night (or you may not), but either way there is no doubt that driving at night is much more dangerous than driving in the daytime. According to AAA, four times as many fatal accidents happen at night as during the day. No matter how careful you are as a driver, you should be taking every precaution you can to ensure safe driving at night time.

One such precaution is by adding a night vision system to your vehicle. The Lanmodo Night Vision system can fight against bad visibility or poor weather conditions by clearing visibility of up 300 meters. This system is an incredible help for those with vision problems, presenting full-color night vision on an 8.2-inch HD big screen with 1080p high resolution. This night vision system is especially useful for truckers who have to worry about rear visibility. The Lanmodo Night Vision System is deployed with a rear view camera to monitor the truck tail; the connector line of the rear view mirror is up to 600 meters.

Currently, this night vision system is $100 off on Lanmodo’s website, and Daily Caller readers can save an additional $50 with the code LMDNVS_DC:

Normally $600, our readers can get this night vision system for $449 with this code (Photo via Lanmodo)

Normally $600, our readers can get this night vision system for $449 with this code (Photo via Lanmodo)

Lanmodo 1080P Automotive Night Vision System on sale for $449

Who is this product for? It’s for anyone and everyone who has to drive at night. Unless you do not have a driver’s license for some reason, that means this product is for YOU.

Take advantage of this discount code for Daily Caller readers while you can, and while you are at it, check out all the great car products available on Lanmodo’s website.


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