A Game For Children About Defusing Bombs Pulled From Walmart And Target

Bomb (Credit: Shutterstock/Gorodenkoff)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The game “Cut the Wire” has been pulled off of shelves, and that’s a sad sign for America.

The New York Times reported the following Monday:

The game, which was recommended for children ages 6 and up, sets a timer and players have to defuse the faux bomb before time runs out. If a player cuts the wrong wire with the toy wire cutter, the game, which resembles banded sticks of dynamite, sounds an alarm and an explosion noise as it lights up and vibrates.

Parents expressed concern about the game, which comes packaged in a box with a background that looks like flames in an explosion. Critics said it was difficult to imagine promoting the game when there was so much real-life violence in the world involving bombs.

At least two retailers, Walmart and Target, said they stopped selling the game. A Target spokeswoman said the retailer removed it from its shelves in the fall. A Walmart spokeswoman said the company appreciated “the concerns that have been raised regarding this item” and that it had no plans to reorder it.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people? I am outraged at the outrage that caused this game to be pulled! Back in my day, we used to run around with insanely realistic looking toy guns and pretended to fight off Indians or Nazi invasions.

Nobody complained. Now, maybe that’s because I wasn’t raised by gigantic wimps. I was raised in the frozen tundra. Either learn how to survive and fight or die. Those are the rules of the wilderness in Wisconsin, and they’re the rules we embraced.

I could pick off the wings on a fly with a rifle if I had. Where did it all start? With toy guns that young children would mess around with. (RELATED: These Sexy Women Love Guns)

I would have spent hours trying to defuse a fake bomb if the option were available. Literal hours would have been spent. How many trip wires? How many fake blasting caps? How about a dead man’s switch? Would there be a cellular signal? How about nuclear material?

It would have been awesome. Any parent that complained about this toy should be ashamed of themselves. Congrats on depriving a generation of lots of fun.

It’s not like these kids were assembling fake bombs. They were learning to take them apart. What the hell is wrong with that? This is a super sad day for America and everybody who loves freedom.

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