Baker Mayfield Pokes Fun Of His Arrest Video In Hilarious Fashion

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Baker Mayfield is a once-in-a-generation quarterback, and it’s only partly because he won a Heisman and helped to turn the Cleveland Browns around in his first season.

It’s also because he’s got killer dance moves and a hilarious sense of humor. And this week, he put that humor front and center during a livestream of the popular video game Fortnite. (RELATED: Baker Mayfield Gives Is Giving Suggestions On How To Improve The Cleveland Browns)

Fortnite, which took millennials and Gen Z-ers by storm in 2018 and quickly became a sensation across the globe, is great because you can watch some of your favorite celebrities play it. Don’t ask me why this is so fun, but apparently the kids love it. They go crazy for it. They watch people like rapper Drake and, now, Baker Mayfield, play just to hear what they have to say.

On this particular stint, Baker found himself in a sticky situation and needed to make his character run faster. He offered up some colorful commentary, and now I’m starting to understand why people like watching celebrities play so much.

“Hopefully I’m running faster than I was in Arkansas right now,” Mayfield can be heard saying nonchalantly.

He is, of course, referencing the now-infamous night in Arkansas when he tried to run away from police to avoid a public intoxication arrest in February 2017. If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here. Sure, he doesn’t look like a freak athlete, but you’ve got to remember: he’s likely hammered, tired, and unprepared for a performance. Plus, he looks way better in that neon brown and orange uniform. I think that makes him at least 10 times more explosive looking.


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We’re just glad we can all have a laugh about it now.

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