‘Voted For Trump And Got Jeb’ — Coulter, Other Immigration Hawks Aren’t Happy With Trump’s Plan

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Conservative columnist Ann Coulter and other immigration hawks were less than pleased at President Donald Trump’s attempted compromise with Democrats to reopen the government and get funding for his his proposed border wall.

On Saturday afternoon, Trump gave a speech from the White House proposing several concessions including humanitarian assistance and a three-year extension for DACA recipients in exchange for additional border security that would have included $5.7 billion toward border barriers.

Most Democrats weren’t on board. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected it before the speech was even given. However, conservative immigration hawks like Coulter also weighed in against Trump’s plan, but for altogether different reasons. (RELATED: Ann Coulter To Those Who Say Trump Lacks Authority To Build Wall – ‘Pull Out Your Pocket Constitution’)

Coulter went straight for the jugular by comparing Trump to Jeb Bush.

“We voted for Trump and got Jeb!” she tweeted, calling Trump’s proposal “amnesty.”

There were plenty more where that came from:

The Federation for American Immigration Reform called Trump’s plan “betrayal” and “another amnesty.”

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