Can You Guess Which Government Projects Cost More Than Trump’s Proposed Wall?


Graeme Gallagher Contributor
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As the government shutdown inches closer to the 40-day mark, the terms set from both parties have been exchanged but with no avail to reopen the government.

For President Trump, he proposed a price of $5.7 billion for the border wall in exchange for an extension on DACA. However, the proposal was rejected and the shutdown continues to press on. (RELATED: Pelosi Rejects Trump’s DACA For Border Wall Funding Proposal)

At first glance for most people, that is a lot of money for a wall. Yet, you would think that the government spends a lot of money on all kinds of different projects, programs, and people that surely cost more. The government has funded new construction of buildings, military equipment and new forms of transportation, that must of cost more than the wall.

So, how does the price for the wall stack up against other government projects? Have other government projects cost more? Find out how the proposed wall compares to some other projects below.