Saints Player Cameron Jordan Wears Shirt Criticizing NFL Refs At The Pro Bowl

Rams vs. Saints (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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New Orleans Saints player Cameron Jordan wore an outstanding shirt at the Pro Bowl Sunday.

Jordan rocked a black shirt that read, “Blow whistles not games Make calls not apologies.” The shirt also featured a ref shrugging at the bottom.

This is an obvious attack on the officiating that blew the NFC championship game for the Saints against the Rams.

The officiating crew didn’t throw a flag on what was perhaps the most obvious pass interference in the history of football. (RELATED: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Could Intervene On The Outcome Of The Rams Vs. Saints Game)

The no-call allowed the Rams to win the game in overtime, and go to the Super Bowl.

I’m sure the league won’t be happy that a player is giving the refs a massive metaphorical middle finger, but he has every right in the world to be upset. Who wouldn’t be if they were in the shoes of the Saints players?

The NFL better figure out what to do because a blown call like that can’t ever be allowed to happen again. It just can’t.

There might be riots in the street if it does. What an embarrassment for the NFL. Major props to Jordan for not backing down.