Get Great Sleep With The ONE Mattress And Save Over 35 Percent

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Evidence shows that getting good, regular sleep is crucial to living your best life. A lack of sleep negatively affects everything from brain sharpness, to immunity response, to athletic ability, so it makes sense to invest in an expertly-designed mattress like this Yaasa ONE. The ONE takes a 3-tiered approach to materials for the optimal blend of comfort & support, upping your chances for that awesome night’s sleep. Usually $899 for a Queen, the ONE is also currently 38% off at The Daily Caller Shop—that’s $549 for the upper echelon of US made-to-order mattresses.

Normally $900, this mattress is 38 percent off

Yaasa ONE Mattress on sale for $549

The top layer of the ONE is cooling memory foam for tailor-made fit and breathability. Underneath that, hybrid layers provide a comforting in-between section. Finally, the base pocket coil system lends durability, structural integrity, and responsiveness to the whole package. You can sleep in any position on the ONE with fantastic results. You also don’t need a box spring—the ONE is completely self-contained, no matter where you put it.

Sleep is obviously important. If yours could be better, look into getting an A+ mattress like this Yaasa ONE—currently $549 for a Queen after 38% off at the Daily Caller Shop, plus more sizes on sale.

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