Cleveland Browns Raise Ticket Prices For Only The Second Time In More Than A Decade

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Cleveland Browns are apparently feeling themselves right now because the organization is raising ticket prices. reported the following late Thursday afternoon:

The Browns announced on Thursday that a segment of season ticket prices will increase for the 2019 season for just the second time in 11 years. Prices for 43 percent of Browns season tickets will not change or will decrease.

The new structure means the Browns average ticket will increase approximately 7 percent. The Browns are still expected to rank near the lowest per game ticket price in the league.

This is such a classic Browns move that it’s almost laughable. They string together some wins, finally look like a real football team and immediately try to cash in.

It’s so bold that I almost have to respect it. You’d think they’d want to actually make the playoffs first or something like that before jacking up the prices, but you’d be wrong. (RELATED: Browns Once Showed Porn During Staff Meeting)

This is the NFL we’re talking about after all, and the league is all about making money.


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I remember a couple years ago, when the Browns went 0-16, that you could pretty much just walk into the stadium. It’s amazing how far they’ve come since those days.

Props are probably deserved to the Browns for managing to win seven games in 2018, but I’m still not sure raising the price of tickets is the smartest idea. (RELATED: The Patriots Will Face The Rams In The Super Bowl)

I think Cleveland fans have endured enough. They really shouldn’t be forced to break the bank in order to watch a historically garbage team.


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However, I guess we should just always expect Cleveland to do Cleveland things. I can’t wait to see what they do if they ever manage to make the playoffs with Mayfield.

You’ll probably have to take a mortgage out to see them play.

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