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Monica Lewinsky Gets Unusually Personal About Sleep Habits, Nasty Foot Condition


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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There’s no real place that former White-House-intern-turned-anti-bully activist Monica Lewinsky can camp out these days. So Twitter is as good a place as any. And this week she revealed herself in a whole new way by sharing personal details about her nocturnal habits and a painful foot condition.

Lewinsky, who is also a Vanity Fair contributor, has turned up in a slew of recent videos made for TV and Netflix documentaries. While most of these docs do not come with her approval, she doesn’t seem to mind sharing and gets pretty chatty on late-night Twitter. (RELATED: Bill Clinton Denied ‘Sexual Relations’ With Monica Lewinsky On TV 21 Years Ago)

She likes to be helpful.

“I’ve had a terrible time falling asleep in the last few weeks. Who has sleep tips?” asked a woman named “Alyssa” with a cat-faced avatar. “And melatonin gives me insane dreams. And I don’t drink caffeine after 12 p.m. OK thanks.”

Lewinsky replied, “Alyss … I use these. Help me calm down before bed. Lavender oil on soles of feet. And re melatonin … HUGE diff between liquid + pills. On liquid I dreamt I was gonna be beheaded.”

Accompanying her tweet was a photograph of a bottle of Gluten-free Chelated Magnesium vitamins.

Then someone named “@Mkblack64Black asked, “Have y’all ever had plantar fasciitis? Did EPAT with questionable results. Dying.”

Again, Lewinsky to the rescue or, at least, she came bearing empathy.

“I have. It’s SO PAINFUL,” she wrote. “Don’t know that procedure but I went to physiotherapy and they tortured me manually then used that ultrasound thing on it. Helped.”

She’s not so keen on surprise interviews about her past. In the fall of last year, she walked out of a Jerusalem speaking engagement when the topic of former President Bill Clinton came up. Also in the fall, Lewinsky hinted at what she thinks about ex-presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton‘s interpretation of their affair, in which she insists her husband didn’t abuse his power. On the 20th anniversary of the Ken Starr investigation last February, she wrote an article for Vanity Fair in which she said the ordeal with Clinton caused her “trauma.”

On a brighter note, Lewinsky likes happy baby news.