Miami Dolphins Favored To Get Quarterback Nick Foles

(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Oddsmakers think Nick Foles will land with the Miami Dolphins.

The Philadelphia Eagles gunslinger just bought himself out of his Eagles extension. He is likely headed for free agency, but there’s still a chance that a franchise tag could be in play. No matter how it goes down, the people setting the lines favor Miami as his destination right now. (RELATED: Nick Foles Buys Himself Out Of His Eagles Contract, Will Likely Be A Free Agent)

The teams favored to get his services, according to Bovada, are as follows:

  • Dolphins +205
  • Redskins +250
  • Jaguars +350
  • Broncos +400
  • Giants +900
  • Raiders +1200
  • Panthers +2000
  • Buccaneers +2000

Miami and the Redskins both make a ton of sense. The Dolphins might be moving on from Ryan Tannehill, and there’s no guarantee Alex Smith is ready to play next season.

Foles provides a ton of experience, and he has a Super Bowl win under his belt. Good luck finding a lot of quarterbacks on the free agency market with those accomplishments.

I’m honestly not sure which team would be better with Foles running the show. Miami certainly offers a better long term option in terms of money, but the Redskins might be the better short term play.

They have more weapons, and Washington isn’t going to want to rush Alex Smith back. Either way, I imagine that Foles is about to get paid.

This Foles storyline will only intensify as free agency gets going, the draft rolls around and teams start making roster decisions.

Damn, the NFL sure is fun, right? I live for this kind of stuff.