Pro-Trump Comedian Says Instead Of A Reality Check, Democrats Need A ‘Morality Check’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Conservative comedian Michael Loftus claimed that Democrats, instead of a “reality check,” might be in need of a “morality check.”

During a Saturday morning segment of “Fox & Friends,” Loftus argued that there was nothing immoral about walls — and pointed out “I like my babies alive.”


Host Pete Hegseth brought up the topic, saying that Democrats didn’t appear to be at all concerned about the situation at the border. “The idea of illegal immigration and the crisis on the border isn’t even a thought,” he said.

“The thing at the border and everyone, it’s crazy when people are like ‘walls are immoral,'” Loftus jumped in. “I just don’t get that walls are immoral when, literally in Virginia, they are talking about killing babies. It’s like let’s just have a morality check. You know? Last time I checked walls are good. They’re keeping up this building, ceilings are awesome. Wheels work. I like my babies alive.”

Loftus also weighed in on Friday’s hearing, where the Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee questioned acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker about his possible influence over the Mueller investigation. (RELATED: ‘They Just Want A Piece Of You’: Rep. Doug Collins Gives Whitaker Hearing A Reality Check)

“How many more days does he have on the job? Like, right what is he going to do? Asking the substitute teacher what’s going to be on the final? Do they think they are going to bust him right before he hits the door?” he asked.

Whitaker is set to leave his post as acting AG if and when President Donald Trump’s nominee William Barr is confirmed. That confirmation vote is scheduled to take place sometime in the next week.

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