Should Colin Kaepernick Play In The Alliance Of American Football?

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Colin Kaepernick should absolutely not play in the Alliance of American Football.

I can’t believe I actually have to say this, because I hate Kaepernick, but it would be insanely stupid for him to go the AAF. Let me repeat that for you. I’m giving the former 49ers quarterback, who doesn’t stand for the anthem, some free advice.

Playing in the AAF would be a terrible idea for his future, for two main incredibly simple reasons. First, it is a no-win situation from a talent perspective. If he goes out there and dominates fringe-NFL players, he still has not really moved the needle at all.

People expect him to be able to play with bad NFL players and guys that aren’t even in the league. It wouldn’t surprise anybody if he did well. However, it would be a disaster of epic proportions if it went poorly.

If he went out onto an AAF field and got lit up, then the idea he can still play at any level would be gone forever. Any chance he’d have of making it back to the NFL would be over immediately. At least by not playing, he’s convinced some people he’s still got gas left in the tank. (RELATED: San Diego Fleet Quarterback Mike Bercovici Suffers Brutal Hit During AAF Opener)

Until he actually takes another snap of football, we’ll never actually know. It’s like Schrödinger’s cat in “Silicon Valley.” Right now, he’s both good and bad because we don’t know.

Secondly—and this is the bigger reason why—Kaepernick is reportedly making a ton of money from Nike. Why would he go out to make less than $100,000 playing football in the AAF if Nike is already paying him millions of dollars?

That would make make no sense. I love football, but I would want to get hit for $100,000 if Nike is already cutting me checks. That just isn’t a smart decision.


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Kaepernick’s smart career move at this point would be to continue doing nothing, become a massive martyr, get paid by Nike and have some people believe he can still play. Going out on any field other than an NFL one would be a disaster.

Even going back to the NFL and sucking would pretty much prove he never belonged back on the big stage anyways. Either way, Kaep going to the AAF would be beyond stupid, from a career perspective.