MacCallum Fires Back Against Dem’s Claim That Fox News Doesn’t Care About Dreamers

Mike Brest Reporter
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Fox News’ Martha MacCallum pushed back on Democratic New York Rep. Sean Maloney for saying that the network doesn’t care about Dreamers, during an interview with him on her show Thursday night.

The two of them were discussing the new border security bill that passed through the House and Senate earlier in the day. The bill, which President Donald Trump will sign Friday, will keep the government open until September and it provides the president with $1.375 billion for the wall. (RELATED: Trump Frees Up $8 Billion To Build The Wall)

MacCallum brought up the Dreamers because there was a possibility that a pathway to citizenship for them would be included in the bill, but it was not. That’s when the interview got tense.


“We are strongly in support of finding a resolution to the Dreamers, of giving them a path to come out of the shadows, to keep faith with the promise we’ve made them. They’ve done nothing wrong, remember, these are people who are brought here as children,” Maloney began.

“The fact is the president could’ve had a deal that included that. That’s what my answer was to your question. What he did instead is he drove us down this blind alley, got a worse result for himself, he’s making a bunch of conservatives and Republicans unhappy,” he continued. “He setting a very dangerous precedent that will come back to haunt us, I will predict to you. And the fact is that he is getting less money for the priorities he’s announced and he’s robbing critical funds from institutions like West Point. That is a disaster. This is a mess and it’s on the president.”

“Well, we’ll see. Everybody’s trying to point the finger of blame at everyone else here so we’ll see where the Americans put the blame,” MacCallum responded. (RELATED: Democrats Breaking With Leadership To Support Border Wall Funding)

“Excuse me,” Maloney pushed back. “I think what you’re seeing is a bunch of Democrats and conservative Republicans united in saying this is a terrible outcome and it’s only the president who’s brought us here.”

“I just wonder what the DACA recipients and Dreamers feel when they look at this deal, as well. My guess is they’re not too happy either,” MacCallum added.

“It’s the first time I’ve heard somebody articulate a concern for the Dreamers on this network, I can tell you,” the congressman retorted.

“That’s absolutely untrue. That’s absolutely untrue,” the host fired back.

“I’m telling you, it’s the first time I’ve heard it,” Maloney exclaimed.

“Well, you don’t watch very often, I guess,” MacCallum said.

Maloney concluded, “Listen, look, please, the notion that somehow we care less about the Dreamers because the president has put us in this ridiculous situation is nothing but a smoke screen.”

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