College Basketball Official Caught Showing Off LSU Attire

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

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An SEC basketball official is in hot water after an old Facebook photo surfaced of him showing off an LSU Tigers shirt.

Official Anthony Jordan posted a photo of himself holding up an LSU shirt in 2014 with the caption “To all my Bama’s…Geaux Tigers.” (RELATED: Gonzaga Takes Top Spot In New AP College Basketball Poll, Wisconsin Rises To 19)

According to the Tennessean, SEC associate commissioner Herb Vincent called the nearly five-year-old post “not acceptable.”

“Anthony Jordan, the official in this social media post, has communicated to us that while traveling in Spain five years ago he saw the T-shirt from an SEC team for sale in a store,” Vincent said in an email to the publication. “He took a picture and posted that picture to be seen by friends via his social media account. He said it was his intent to make a light-hearted social media post about having seen the T-shirt in another country and not to express affinity for a particular school.”

Jordan has been officiating SEC basketball games for 19 years, and was the lead official in Saturday’s LSU-Tennessee showdown, which the Tigers won 82-80 in overtime. That game featured a number of poor calls.

I’m not going to engage in any conspiracy theories here. I’ve watched SEC basketball my entire life, and Jordan has always been terrible.

However, I doubt it has anything to do with a nefarious motive, but simply incompetence. If this photo forces the SEC and college basketball to finally address its officiating crisis, that might be the best thing that could come out of this.

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