Report: Relief Crew Reaches Amtrak Train Stuck In Oregon Snow

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

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An Amtrak train has been stuck on the tracks for roughly the past three days in Oakridge, Oregon.

Rebekah Dodson, a passenger, tweeted Tuesday morning that help finally arrived, as a relief crew gained access to the train, according to CBS News. Amtrak says the train heading from Seattle to Los Angeles hit a tree at around 6:18 pm Sunday night.

The train was carrying 183 passengers, none of whom have been allowed to leave the train since they became stuck. Amtrak reported nobody was injured on the train after hitting the tree. (RELATED: At Least 2 Killed, 70 Injured In Amtrak Collision With Freight Train)

Amtrak made the decision to keep the passengers on the stranded train because the power had been out in Oakridge and it was dealing with problems of its own.

CBS affiliate KPIC reported that a main highway to Oakridge had been blocked. The power is not expected to be restored for another week.

Dodson tweeted out videos to different local reporters showing the conditions and talking about what was happening on the train. On Monday, the passengers had no snacks left on the snack cart and some were running low on diapers.

Dodson told CBS affiliate KTVL passengers weren’t allowed to get off the train because there’s “four feet of snow in every direction, there’s nowhere to go.”

“We have to put wash clothes together to make diapers for a couple of the kids on the train,” Dodson reportedly said. “We got together and got some feminine products together because several people had run out already, so it’s going to be a rough night.”