Tucker Carlson Questions Why Invading Venezuela Is In America’s Interest

Screenshot via Fox News

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Tucker Carlson questioned why it’s in America’s best interest to force regime change in the socialist state of Venezuela.

During a segment with former Obama campaign adviser David Tafuri, Carlson pointed to concerns about a possible refugee crisis, as well as failed regime change efforts of the past. (RELATED: Tucker Dedicates Segment To The Phrase ‘Republicans Pounce’)

“I’ve watched as the left, the neo-cons, Bill Kristol and friends, Barack Obama, Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush toppled dictator after dictator, leaving smoking craters in their wake, ” Carlson said. “Why wouldn’t our overriding concern be a wave of refugees coming across our border?”

“Well, I agree with you, ” Tafuri said.

But Tafuri maintained that the answer was still regime change.

“Regime change would probably lessen the amount of refugees,” Tafuri said.

Carlson made it clear that he was not defending Maduro or the Venezuelan government, but simply questioning the degree to which the United States should be involved in the conflict.

“Why should the United States bear the burden of socialism?” Carlson asked.

Regarding U.S. involvement in the conflict, President Donald Trump has said that “all options are on the table.”

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