Miami Heat Forward Derrick Jones Throws Down Massive Dunk Against The Raptors

Derrick Jones (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Miami Heat forward Derrick Jones had a mind-boggling dunk Sunday in a loss to the Raptors.

Jones smashed an alley-oop, but it wasn’t like most you’re used to seeing. He somehow managed to elevate in a fashion that I’m not sure we’ve seen before.

The amount of air he got underneath him was truly mind-boggling. You’ll understand what I mean when you see the video below.

How? How is that even humanly possible? Men aren’t supposed to be able to jump several feet off of the ground. It’s just not normal. (RELATED: Duke Basketball Star Zion Williamson Throws Down 360 Dunk Against Clemson)

Him and I are the same species made by the same God, and I struggle to touch the net these days. At the same time, he’s out here flying around like a damn jet.

It’s truly unbelievable.


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That’s a dunk on the same level as my guy Zion Williamson, and that’s saying something. There aren’t many basketball players at any level capable of jumping like they’re on a trampoline.

Well done, Jones. Well done.

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