Here’s What Trump Has To Say About His Accomplishments That You Won’t Hear From The Media

Paulina Likos Contributor
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With millions of new jobs created, President Donald Trump has had his fair share of economic accomplishments. In foreign policy, the United States is now making better deals with other countries. On immigration, this administration is working diligently toward tighter border security. While Trump is following through with his campaign promises, there are those in the media who would like to diminish his achievements. (RELATED: Foxconn Says It Will Be Up And Running By 2020 After Trump Talks)

It doesn’t take much to acknowledge the facts. Regarding U.S. economic progress, even CNN’s Poppy Harlow said, ‘It’s good to see, but will it last?’ At the very least, she acknowledged the positive impact Trump’s policies have had on the economy.

Kevin Hassett, Chair of White House Council of Economic Advisers, said it best when he responded to a critique, “The tone of the critique is extremely incorrect and if you think we did something wrong you should accuse us of making an error, but accusing us of being dishonest is beyond the pale.” (RELATED: ‘My Father Was His Kryptonite’: Meghan McCain Launches Tirade Against Trump)

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