Democrats Campaign To Disenfranchise Everyone Who Doesn’t Vote For Them

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On the show today we get into the Democratic Party’s push to abolish the Electoral College, the U.S. Senate, and the court system. When they can’t win they push to change the rules.

Listen to the show:

Nearly every candidate running for the Democratic nomination is advocating for the disenfranchising of “red America,” the massive area between the coasts that generally votes for Republicans. They want to abolish the Electoral College, which was created to make sure any candidate for president could appeal to as much of the country as possible and not just a few population centers. The needs of people in New York or Los Angeles are significantly different than the needs of people in Nebraska. The Electoral College requires candidates to have to try to connect with both groups. Since Democrats hold so much of the non-costal population centers in contempt, it’s rather difficult for them to do that.

Instead of trying, it’s easier for Democrats to ignore rural America, to ignore “flyover country” and focus on their base. But the Electoral College exists for a reason — the states created the federal government, the federal government did not create the states. States have rights, and they should matter in selecting the leader of the country. That Democrats want to strip that power tells you something about them, and we discuss it.

They’re also seeking to change the Senate, advocating for proportional representation in the upper chamber. That would turn it into another House, which would empower Democrats because they control populous states like New York and California, but it would undermine the reason for the body’s existence. Same with packing the courts. None of this is good if you’re at all interested in the concept of individual liberty.

Beto O’Rourke has a bizarre, childish sense of humor, regularly “pranking” his wife. One prank was particularly gross, and it involved baby poop.

You probably haven’t heard of Andrew Yang, but he’s gaining traction running for president as a Democrat. While Beto has no policy proposals on his website, Yang has dozens — everything from a universal basic income to what to do with vacant shopping malls. We get into some of it.

All this and the line-up for the 50th anniversary festival at Woodstock — and boy does it suck — on the show today.

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