Bill Maher Used To Like Mueller — Now: ‘I Don’t Need The Mueller Report To Know Trump Is A Traitor’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Bill Maher claimed Friday that Democrats may have “put too much trust” in special counsel Robert Mueller after the latter released his report with no new indictments.

“I don’t need the Mueller report to know Trump is a traitor. I have a TV,” Maher said. (RELATED: Ben Shapiro Drowns Bill Maher In Logic On Civility: ‘I Needed 600 Officers To Protect Me At Berkeley’)


But Maher, like many others in the media, only came to this conclusion — that Mueller’s report is essentially irrelevant to what he’s certain happened regardless of evidence — when it became clear that the president was not going to be led away from the White House in handcuffs.

Take a look at the glowing praise Maher had for Mueller in the months leading up to Friday’s announcement.

June 2017:

September 2017:

May 2018:

July 2018:

That’s quite a departure.

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