Giuliani Demands Cuomo Apologize For Collusion Hype In Heated Debate

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Phillip Stucky Contributor
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Rudy Giuliani demanded in a fiery debate Monday that CNN host Chris Cuomo apologize for his coverage and his network’s coverage of the Russian collusion investigation.

“It’s not very clever. You guys have tortured this man for two years with collusion and nobody has apologized for it. Before we talk about obstruction, apologize!” Giuliani demanded. Cuomo fired back, “Not a chance,” before Trump’s attorney continued his monologue into the treatment of President Donald Trump. (RELATED: Rudy Giuliani Calls On Democrats To Apologize For Advanced Collusion Story:’Shame On Them!’)

“How about this network should apologize? I ask you to apologize,” he demanded, before tearing into other entities that he thinks should apologize for their coverage. “The Washington Post should apologize and Adam Schiff should apologize. Before we start jamming him up in obstruction, couldn’t we take a day off and say the man was falsely accused?”

He later discussed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and how he handled the Steele dossier that Giuliani asserted let to the Mueller investigation.

“He didn’t reveal to the court that Christopher Steele had been fired by the FBI, was paid $1.1 million by Hillary Clinton. Certain things they corroborate. If you read that dossier, you get past the second page and you think it’s an intelligence report you’re reading and it is a National Enquirer story. It is a cheap National Enquirer story. I’ve had four or five retired CIA agents read it,” Giuliani concluded.

Attorney General William Barr received the Mueller report over the weekend and submitted a four-page letter to Congress summarizing the results. The attorney general revealed that no additional indictments would be made in the investigation and that there was no evidence to support the idea that President Donald Trump colluded with Russian officials during the 2016 presidential election.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein indicated that he believed Barr would make the right decision during a speech in February. “I think Attorney General Barr is going to make the right decision. We can trust him to do that. He has a lot of experience with this,” Rosenstein said at an event hosted by the Center for Strategic International Studies.