Kushner Responds To Accusations That He Represents A ‘Grave Concern’ To America

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Phillip Stucky Contributor
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Presidential adviser Jared Kushner responded to statements made by a White House whistleblower that his security clearance represented a “grave concern” to American safety, in a Monday interview with Laura Ingraham.

“What I can say is that over the last two years that I’ve been here, I’ve been accused of all types of things,” Kushner responded, adding,

All of those things have turned out to be false. We’ve had a lot of crazy accusations that we colluded with Russia. I complied with the investigations, the Senate, the House, sat for 20 hours of interviews. When I came to Washington I had a successful business career, extensive holdings. I disclosed my holdings to the Office of Government Ethics. What I did to that, they told me what to divest, what to keep.

Ingraham then asked Kushner if he felt that congressional Democrats kept “moving the goalposts,” moving on to more scrutiny of him after the Mueller report failed to lead to any additional indictments in the Russian collusion question. (RELATED: Anyone Who Trusts Trump ‘Ends Up Looking Like A Fool’)

“What I’ve learned during the campaign is that there is a huge difference between what people in America care about, and what people in Washington or the media care about,” he concluded on the issue.

White House security adviser Tricia Newbold recently came forward to the House Oversight and Reform Committee that officials in the Trump administration quietly reversed decisions she made when she rejected 25 security clearances of staff. Jared Kushner was allegedly one of the clearances Newbold rejected, according to The Washington Post.