Tucker Balks When Univision Anchor Calls On US To Pay Off Central American Countries

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Tucker Carlson tried to get his guest to answer the question of “how many immigrants” the United States should ultimately agree to take. However, instead of a direct answer, Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo’s response quickly morphed into what Carlson called a “classic mafia shakedown.”


“I would agree we benefited from immigration for sure but not all immigration is the same, and so my question to you is: what’s the ideal number?” Carlson asked. “Since you are promoting this, how many immigrants a year do you think we should take? How big should our country get and who is going to pay for it?”

Acevedo referred to a New York Times report stating that by 2034, “two thirds of the counties in the country are going to have a deficit in terms of the population …”

After responding with a case for making things easier for U.S. citizens to afford to have their own children, Carlson returned to his original premise: “You do this for a living and you haven’t thought of the most basic question, which is how many people should we admit a year? Three hundred twenty-five million in the country? Should we get to 500,000,000? Would it be a better country? Should the people we admit take part in our universal healthcare program that we are clearly getting? Should they?”

Carlson was forced again to insist on an answer to his original question after the Univision anchor pivoted to discussing Canada’s guest worker program. (RELATED: Things Get Awkward When Tucker Asks Mexican Official Why Mexico Won’t Let Central Americans Stay)

“Give us a glimpse of what the plan is,” the Fox News host insisted. “What’s an ideal worker? How many do we need? What should the population of the country be? Do you have any idea? Can you answer any of those questions?”

“Like I said, I’m not an immigration expert,” said Acevedo. “I’m a reporter. I shouldn’t have to fill this void in your show of people who dedicated their issue of immigration.”

“You are advocate for illegal immigration,” Tucker pressed. “So you don’t feel any obligation to think through the policies you’re espousing?”

After another back-and-forth, Carlson again brought up the question of why the United States should be “spending all this time worrying about the populations of other countries” in lieu of its own.

“I said a hundred times on your show we can spend more money in places like Central America, countries like Guatemala …” said the Univision anchor.

“Wait a second. Americans can’t afford to have kids so we need to send more money to Guatemala?” Carlson asked. “So, pay them off to go away? How is that different from like a classic mafia shakedown? Is it?”

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