‘Lord Knows, In This Town:’ Kudlow Defends Herman Cain Against Sexual Misconduct Allegations

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Phillip Stucky Contributor
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White House Economic Council director Larry Kudlow defended former presidential candidate Herman Cain against years-old allegations of sexual misconduct on a Sunday edition of CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“We are going through a vetting process in the White House. I’m sure the Senate banking committee will do likewise. There’s big disputes here. Mr. Cain disagrees with this point of view. I’m not going to litigate that here,” Kudlow initially began when asked whether past sexual allegations against Cain troubled the advisor to President Donald Trump. (RELATED: Herman Cain, Two Years Later: ‘I Refuse To Leave My Reputation Under A Dark Cloud’)

“Lord knows, in this town, I come here to work in the White House every 35 years. It’s very toxic here. More than I’ve ever seen,” he responded, appearing to indicate that people make allegations in D.C. against important people, sometimes without reason or cause.

“We’ve seen — whether it’s Supreme Court justices or many other things, we’ve seen a lot of charges here. They don’t necessarily pan out,” he concluded.

Trump announced he intended to nominate Herman Cain to a position on the Federal Reserve Board Thursday. Cain served on the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City for four years before he rose to become chairman in 1995. He’s advocated for returning the country to the gold standard and in January indicated that he didn’t fear inflation as much as he feared deflation.

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney doubted that Cain would actually make it to the post, saying, “I doubt that will be a nomination. But if it were a nomination, you can bet (what) the interest rates he would be pushing for.”