Nick Saban Criticizes Players Leaving Early For The NFL Draft

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Alabama football coach Nick Saban isn’t a fan of players leaving early for the NFL.

Saban told the media the following Saturday about players going to the NFL with eligibility left on the table, according to Yahoo Sports:

Now, we have guys that have no draft grades, seventh-round grades, free-agent grades, fifth-round grades that are going out for the draft. And the person that loses in that is the player. If you’re a third-round draft pick, and we had one here last year — I’m not mentioning any names — goes and starts for his team, so he’s making third-round money, which is not that great. He’d be the first guy taken at his position this year, probably, and make $15-18 million more.

I can’t believe these words are about to be typed out, but I actually agree with Nick Saban. Halt everything and re-read that!

Yes, I agree with Nick Saban. He’s correct on this point. Leaving early for the NFL is a really bad idea if you’re not going to make a ton of money. (RELATED: Clemson Beats Alabama For National Title)

NFL careers don’t last long, and if you only play for a short period for a little money, then you’re making a mistake.


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Imagine getting a free agency grade back and then entering the draft. That is mind-bogglingly stupid. Signing bonuses for late-round picks aren’t great. They’re not great at all.

It’s not even close to the money needed if you want to live off it for a long time, and that’s often the only guaranteed money in the deal.

That means a player could get a $75,000 signing bonus, suck, get cut and never get paid again. Good luck balling out on what remains of $75,000 after taxes.

Despite the fact that I hate Alabama and everything they represent, the legendary coach got this one right.

I guess you can all now roast me for agreeing with Nick Saban and going against everything precedence suggests.