Victor Davis Hanson: Dems Pushing A ‘White Nationalist Conspiracy’ Theory That ‘Doesn’t Exist’

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Conservative author Victor Davis Hanson criticized Democrats who have “jumped the proverbial shark” when it comes to labeling so-called “white nationalists,” because “when everybody is a white nationalist, nobody is.”

Appearing with Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Hanson also delved into his view of why they are suddenly focusing so much on a “white nationalist conspiracy” that “doesn’t exist.”


“I think that they have almost tuned it out now, Tucker,” Hanson said, responding to Carlson’s question about how an America filled with mostly “good people” reacts when they are told there is a literally a white nationalist around every corner.

We have jumped the proverbial shark, because in the last 10 days, African-American director of the Heritage Foundation Kay James, African-American activist Candace Owens, Jewish-American Steve Miller, they have all been called either white supremacists or white nationalists. And when everybody is a white nationalist, nobody is.

Hanson speculated on the “why” by pointing to the “demonization of Trump supporters” because so many previous attempts to get rid of the president have failed.

“This is now the white nationalist conspiracy, and it doesn’t exist,” he said. (RELATED: Things Get Awkward When Tucker Asks Mexican Official Why Mexico Won’t Let Central Americans Stay)

Hanson pointed out that Democrats likely fear Trump’s ability, with a strong economy, to peel off a certain percentage of the minority vote that could endanger Democratic hegemony in key areas.

“And under the current Democratic calculus, they have so alienated the white working class with slurs like we just heard, but also the deplorables, the clingers, the irredeemables, or what Joe Biden called the dregs of society, they cannot afford to lose any of that minority bloc voting, or they are in real trouble,” said Hanson.

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