Jets Running Back Le’Veon Bell Raps At HQ2 Nightclub

(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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New York Jets star Le’Veon Bell needs to be reminded about what he’s paid to do.

TMZ Sports posted a video Tuesday of the superstar running back rapping at HQ2 nightclub in Atlantic City, and I don’t see a football anywhere in sight.

You can watch it below:

For those who may not know, Bell is currently on a $52 million contract to play for the Jets. Last time I checked, they’re paying him to score touchdowns and win games. (RELATED: LeVeon Bell Signs With The New York Jets)

He’s not being paid to rap at nightclubs. Now, I haven’t seen his contract or read a single line of it, but I’m confident nobody’s cutting checks for Bell to try his luck with music.

I feel extremely confident with that prediction.


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I’m pretty sure rapping on stage isn’t going to put the ball in the end zone or torch defenses. If fans of the Jets really care about their team, then they’d be extremely outraged.

Those poor and downtrodden fans haven’t had anything go right for them in this life. They sign a star running back, things start looking up, and then, they have to watch him behave like a rapper.

He can sing when he’s retired. As long as the Jets are paying Bell, he should be focused on actually playing the sport.


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Some of you may think that sounds harsh. That’s because you’re weak, and you don’t have the same championship mentality that I do.

Jets fans should be marching in the streets demanding a trade at this point. I have a feeling Bell’s tenure in New York is not going to be a smashing success at all.