This Kickstarter Just Launched, But Investing Now Could Get You Portable Power Station At A Heavy Discount

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It seems the market for portable power stations continues to grow, and Aiper appears ready to enter the market with a bang. The Aiper FLASH 150W, their premium product, is currently being crowdfunded and getting in on the action early could land you a pretty great prize: a multi-purpose portable power station that you can take and use anywhere and which allows you to charge nearly any kinds of device you can think of in a fast, simple and reliable way.

Check out more about the Aiper Flash 150W by visiting its kickstarter page 

On top of the multi purpose charging features, the Aiper Flash promises to provide you a stellar performance every time you use it, and its outstanding battery life means that you can use it up to 300 times with only 20% battery loss.

Featuring a cool design and a multitude of features, there's nothing not to love about this portable charging solution

Featuring a cool design and a multitude of features, there’s nothing not to love about this portable charging solution

If you’re prudent and like to have some essentials at home to prepare for emergencies, or if you’re into off-the-grid living, then the FLASH 150W is perfect for you. When the power is out, or when a natural disaster or other emergency occurs, you can use it for any urgent need at home, whether it is to keep your lights on, a vital medical device that someone in your family can’t live without working even if there’s no power, or to charge anything, really.

The Aiper FLASH 150W is equipped with an LCD Display that shows you the status of each port so that you know exactly what you can use and rely on when it comes to charging your devices. Still, despite the LCD Display and all its powerful features, this very special power station features a low level of power consumption when in ready mode, and it also features an automatic adjustment of the power delivery when it connects to a device.

Charging it is simple and efficient. Simply charge it with a wall charger, with your car (with a car-mounted charger), or using solar energy(charge with a solar panel for seamless solar charging outdoors)!

Take your Aiper Flash 150W Portable Power Station with you wherever you go

Get your Aiper Flash 150W on Kickstarter now and take advantage of their Early Bird Special 

So what are you waiting for? Early backers can now donate $109 in exchange for a Aiper Flash 150W Portable Power station, shipped right to your front door for free!

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