The Freeze Pipe Cools Smoke By Over 300 Degrees For A Premium Experience

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Every avid smoker has felt that burning sensation in their chest after taking a large hit. Unfortunately, most pipes are designed in a manner that doesn’t allow the smoke to properly cool before entering your lungs. That’s exactly what the Freeze Pipe aims to change. With an innovative design, the Freeze Pipe turns every toke into an ultra-smooth, icy-cold experience!

Smoke tobacco without straining your lungs with this frozen pipe

Smoke tobacco without straining your lungs with this frozen pipe

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Not only is hot smoke irritating, but it’s also not healthy for your lungs. The Freeze Pipe eliminates this unpleasant sensation by relying on a built-in freezable glycerin coil. This magical coil can cool smoke by over 300 degrees. That means that any smoke entering your mouth with be silky smooth.

 Re-packing is basically effortless

Re-packing is basically effortless

Unlike other smoking devices, the Freeze Pipe is extremely easy to use. You don’t need to worry about accidentally making a mess. The packing bowl is removable, which means re-packing is basically effortless. The glycerin coil freezes quickly and will stay frozen for long periods of time.

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