Nick Ward Tells Michigan State Students He’s Quitting Group Project For The NBA

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Michigan State basketball star Nick Ward had a laugh-out-loud text exchange with a fellow student over a group project.

Ward’s classmate texted him saying that he needed to help with the project if he expected his “name to be on the presentation.”

The massive forward, who is headed to the NBA, told his classmates he was dipping out and they could take his name off of everything.

We all know the one kid who texts people about group projects. Do whatever it takes to never be that person. Just don’t be that person. They’re the worst. (RELATED: Virginia Junior Ty Jerome Enters The NBA Draft)

You think Nick Ward gives a damn about group projects at Michigan State? No chance in hell. He’s got dollar signs in his eyes and I don’t blame him.

You can do group projects whenever. The window to make bank in the NBA is very small.


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Here’s a little spin zone for all of you. It was actually a very nice thing for Ward to do to even respond. He took some precious seconds from training and devoted them to let his classmates know he’d soon be a millionaire.

If anything, we should be celebrating how courteous he is.

Always remember, athletes are not in college to play school. They’re there to play a sport and then get paid. Shoutout to Ward for the blunt honesty.

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