Professor Faces Death Threats For Israel Support

Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot/The Daily Caller

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DePaul professor Dr. Jason Hill is facing massive protests and has been censured for an op-ed he wrote supporting the state of Israel.

Hill, who is a professor of philosophy, and has been at the university for 19 years, wrote an op-ed for The Federalist last month in which he praises Israel’s right to exist and supported Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to annex the West Bank. (RELATED: Some Dems Are ‘Greatly Concerned By’ Netanyahu’s Promise)

Hill faced massive protests from far-left organizations, including Students for Justice in Palestine, which rallied on campus to demand Hill’s censure.

Hill told The Daily Caller that he has faced death threats since his article and now needs security when he walks around campus. But in spite of the threats, the philosophy professor says he felt compelled to speak out on his support for Israel, and what he sees as a growing trend of campus anti-Semitism. (RELATED: Liberal Groups Get 160X More Money That Conservatives At University of Oregon)

“I just got sick and tired of the blatant anti-Semitism being tolerated on campus,” Hill told the Caller.

Hill has been disturbed by the increasing hostility toward Israel on the Left, with some left-wing activist groups referring to the Jewish state as an “apartheid” state. Anti-Israel ideology and anti-Semitism have increased on college campuses in recent years. At DePaul, in particular, a Jewish student said in 2014 that she did not feel safe on campus after students voted to divest from Israeli companies.

“I just reached a point where I really got tired of seeing the narrative of Israel as an apartheid state,” Hill said. “I have gone on record speaking out against the unfair attacks on Israel.” (RELATED: Should Rep. Ilhan Omar Apologize For 9/11 Comments?)

Hill also said that the attacks on him represent an orchestrated character assassination and an attempt to silence him.

“I see this as defaming my character, I see this as damaging my reputation,” Hill said. “It’s an agenda to shut down free speech.”

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