This 3-Pack Of Eco-Friendly, Insulated Tote Bags Is Only $30

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Streamline your shopping experience while being environmentally friendly with the Club Cart Lotus Trolley Bag: 3-Pack. The foldable, temperature-controlled cloth bags are a green and convenient alternative to plastic bags. Save 25% on the bags in the Daily Caller shop today.

Each tote is just $9.99

Each tote is just $9.99

While you shop, the Velcro handles attach on the back of any shopping cart. After checkout, the Club Cart Lotus Trolley Bag: 3-Pack expand upright to hold all your groceries. The special holders for sensitive items like eggs and wine bottles ensure no breakage occurs. A thermal insulation liner keeps your cold and hot items temperature-controlled so you don’t have to rush home after shopping. The Club Cart Lotus Trolley Bag: 3-Pack are machine washable and mildew resistant for easy cleanup.  With three bags in a pack, each tote is only $9.99.

Shop eco-friendly when you purchase the Club Cart Lotus Trolley Bag: 3-Pack on sale in the Daily Caller shop. Save 25% for a final price of $29.99.