CNN Has Become The ‘Hate Trump’ Station, Former Commentators Say

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Conservatives and pro-Trump Republicans are not welcome on CNN, according to former commentators who were shown the door by the network.

“Most of us got squeezed out involuntarily,” former Republican Georgia Rep. Jack Kingston told Mediaite Friday. “I was there for two years and was certainly willing to continue. It was clear to me in the end that the Republicans they prefer are anti-Trump Republicans.”

While the anchors who populate CNN’s evening broadcasts routinely criticize Trump, there are few conservative voices to be heard. Just last week CNN dismissed former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli because he was reportedly up for a job with the Department of Homeland Security. (RELATED: CNN Commentator Criticizes Trump’s Speech About Tiger Woods)

The network has also fired Jeffrey Lord and Ed Martin for comments they allegedly made outside of work.

Along with Kingston, South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer did not have his contract renewed. Other Trump staffers like Corey Lewandowski, Marc Short and Jason Miller all had fleeting post-political careers with the network.

CNN's John Berman debates Corey Lewandowski on civility in politics./Screenshot

CNN’s John Berman debates Corey Lewandowski on civility in politics./Screenshot

Former financial commentator Stephen Moore said CNN despises the president.

“Who are the Republicans, John Kasich? He hates Trump!” Moore told Mediaite in reference to the former Ohio governor and new CNN contributor who was one of the original anti-Trumpers. “CNN is the ‘hate Trump’ network. They just trash Trump every single hour of every single day. All they’ve talked about for two years is the Mueller report and how bad does it make them look now that it proved nothing.” (RELATED: CNN Tattles On Troops For Holding MAGA Hats During Trump’s Iraq Visit)

Stephen Moore praised the president on the economy (YouTube GOP screenshot 7/20/2018)

Stephen Moore praised the president on the economy (YouTube GOP screenshot 7/20/2018)

Former Trump campaign deputy communications director Bryan Lanza willingly left CNN because he said their editorial policy is “anti-Trump,” not “conservative versus liberal.”

“If you hate Trump, you tune to CNN to validate your hatred,” Lanza told Mediaite. “Not sure it’s a winning formula — and I’m validated by their last-place performance against other outlets.”

Buck Sexton, who used his career as a CIA agent to provide intelligence analysis for the cable news station, sais CNN is playing a con game with viewers.

“CNN used to pretend it accepted right-wing voices for balance, but now it openly despises conservatives who are pro-Trump,” Sexton told Mediaite. “Today the entire enterprise clings to a fundamental dishonesty: that it has no political agenda. Taking down Trump is obviously the agenda. And in this regard, some of CNN’s ‘hard news’ anchors are the biggest journalistic frauds of all.”

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