CBS Offers Propaganda Platform For Planned Parenthood


Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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“CBS This Morning” hosts provided an uncritical platform for Planned Parenthood’s Leana Wen to spread pro-abortion talking points on the show Wednesday.

Hosts prompted Wen to reiterate favorite claims from the abortion giant — such as the debunked talking point that it’s a primarily a health care provider — and concluded the segment by noting that donations to the non-profit are up.

Wen was brought on to talk about news that the last abortion clinic in Missouri might be shut down by the state this week for failing to cooperate with an investigation into “deficient practices” at the clinic.


“There is a real public health crisis that’s happening right now,” Wen said, noting that the clinics are struggling to uphold requirements such as wider hallways and are being forced to provide pelvic exams prior to abortions.

“Isn’t that dangerous?” host Gayle King chimed in. Wen said the rules are bad for healthcare and “traumatizing” for women.

“What do you think, Dr. Wen, that people don’t understand how serious this is?” an openly sympathetic King continued.

“People need to understand this is not a drill,” Wen said, adding that Missouri could become the first state in 50 years where a woman would not be able to access a legal abortion. (RELATED: WaPo Fact Check Rates Planned Parenthood Abortion Claim False)

King then asked her to reiterate a favorite Planned Parenthood talking point: “Planned Parenthood is more than just abortions. I think people need to understand that, too.”

Wen followed up by talking about how the clinic provides healthcare to women, not just abortions. Her repeated claim that abortion is just a small fraction of what happens at Planned Parenthood has been thoroughly debunked by various sources including The Washington Post. The hosts didn’t offer any pushback.

In conclusion, host Tony Dokoupil pointed out donations to Planned Parenthood are going up. “True?” he asked Wen, who confirmed they are, and she hopes people will continue to support her organization.

“As you say, it’s not a drill,” Dokoupil concluded. “We appreciate it.”

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly named John Dickerson as one of the hosts. The host is Tony Dokoupil.

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