Former Staffer Flips On Bernie ‘Cult,’ Warns They Won’t Accept Another Democrat In 2020

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Tezlyn Figaro warned Thursday that supporters of Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders might have trouble throwing support behind another Democrat.

The 2016 Sanders staffer joined “Fox & Friends” to talk about what could happen if someone like former Vice President Joe Biden were to win the 2020 Democratic nomination.


Noting that Biden still leads the pack by double digits in most polls, Fox News host Pete Hegseth asked Figaro whether she thought Sanders would throw his weight behind a nominee that wasn’t himself.

“Now ultimately Bernie Sanders did, in 2016, endorse Hillary Clinton at the last minute. If he were to not get the nomination, do you think he would support the Democratic nominee?” he asked.

Figaro explained that while she certainly believes that Sanders himself will come around and support the Democratic nominee, “he can’t control, you know, his supporters. The playbook is very clear. Sanders supporters attack, attack, attack anyone that challenges Senator Sanders.”

“They do it to me,” she continued. “This morning I was added to a list called ‘human garbage,’ and I’m not even running for president.” (RELATED: Former Bernie Staffer Wants Biden To Answer For ‘Worse Than Jim Crow’ Crime Bill)

But Figaro took things a step further, arguing that the same problem was in play even if Biden was not the eventual nominee.

“It’s bigger than just Joe Biden,” she added. “We have 20 plus candidates who are running for the Democratic nomination. Sanders supporters are very clear if anyone challenges ‘King Sanders’ they are there to destroy and divide and there will be no unity. We can pretend there is, but I know the playbook and I know it well, and we will see it all play out in the next year.”

“It’s going to be telling to see if people are really interested in other policies or ideas or are they just simply part of the Sanders’ cult,” Figaro concluded.

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