Detroit Lions Tweet Epic Throwback Video Of Barry Sanders

(Photo credit: JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Detroit Lions recently tweeted out an incredible video of Barry Sanders.

The team captioned the unreal video, “He went this way. No that way. @BarrySanders greatest career jukes!”

In case you might have forgotten what Sanders was capable of and his insane level of elusiveness, this video will immediately remind you how great of a player he was. (RELATED: One Graphic Shows How Absurdly Dominate Barry Sanders Was In College)

Give it a watch below:

Has there ever been a more elusive player in the history of football? Sanders’ mind-boggling ability to shift his feet and avoid contact was second to none.

If you didn’t immediately catch him in the backfield, there was always a chance he was taking it to the house.

Hell, even if you did get to him in the backfield, there was still a high chance Sanders could break loose. Go watch that video again. He has people spinning in circles.

There might be some debate about Walter Payton and Jim Brown as the other possible options for the top back in NFL history.

I don’t want to hear it. It’s Sanders or nothing for me. The man had very little talent around him and single-handedly carried a franchise.

It’s really too bad the Lions pissed away his career, and I say that as somebody who has cheered for them since day one.

I’ll always wonder what could have been if he had a proper offensive line and an actual team around him. Even without any help, he still tore apart the NFL.

Pour one out for Sanders. We might never see a player like him ever again.