Tucker Says ‘Skin Color Is The Central Motivation’ For Brutal South African Killings

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Tucker Carlson lit the New York Times ablaze Monday night after one of its own interview subjects was murdered in a racially motivated attack in South Africa.

Four men entered 62-year-old vineyard owner Stefan Smit’s Western Cape home and shot him dead as he was having Sunday dinner with his friends and family. Smit became the latest victim in the struggle between white landholders and black South Africans living in poverty who believe the land should be redistributed to them as reparations.

While the Times had interviewed Smit for a March piece about the struggle for land in the country’s wine region, the outlet — in the same article — called claims that South African farmers were being murdered in large numbers and forced off their land “false or exaggerated allegations.”


Carlson began the segment by pointing out the “hundreds” of farmers killed, “some of whom after suffering horrific tortures.” And yet, the South African government has responded not by “protecting the farmers” but by working “to change the country laws in order to seize land without compensation.”

“And skin color is a central motivation here,” said the Fox News host. “Nobody denies that. Let’s be clear about what is happening. This is racist violence, as brutal and horrifying and indefensible as anything that happened under Apartheid.”

Tucker then blasted the media for essentially “cheering it on” before focusing specifically on the New York Times:

Bloomberg has published articles saying that race-based land seizures will super charge the economy, but the opposite is true. Zimbabwe tried that and became the poorest country in the world. Whatever. No one in journalism wants to hear about it.

Last year, the New York Times called this show immoral for even suggesting that farm murders might be a problem. But there is one problem for the Times: Their own interview subjects are getting murdered.

Just this past March, the Times profiled a south African farmer called Stefan Smit. Smit’s land had been overrun by a mob that built a shantytown and refused to leave. Smit told the newspaper he received death threat including a threat to burn him alive. He said he had been intimidated into selling his land to local government officials.

The article featured quotes from the political activists openly attacking Smit on the basis of his skin color. Despite that, the Times once again concluded that it’s “false” to say the farm murders are real problem.

Well, yesterday, four men broke into Smit’s home while he was having dinner with his family. They shot him dead and then they left.

“His was the second murder in the Western Cape province in the last month,” Carlson concluded, likely referring to Annette Kennealy, 51, who was beaten and stabbed to death in a brutal hammer attack in late May. “According to the New York Times, they deserved it.” (RELATED: Australian Official To Consider Fast-Track Immigration Process For White South Africans)

One of the squatters is quoted in the referred-to Times piece from March:

“We are not fighting him,” Mr. Ndlasi said of Mr. Smit. “We can be friends if he don’t have that white attitude. Maybe he can think he’s better than us.”

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