Top WWII Movies To Watch For D-Day

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Kevin Jensen Contributor
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June 6, 1944. D-Day.

That date marks one of the greatest moments in global history — when the Allied forces of World War II staged the largest amphibious invasion ever attempted on the Normandy coast of Nazi-occupied France.

American, British and Canadian forces stormed the beachhead under heavy fire and were able to secure a foothold on the European mainland, jump-starting the chain of events which would lead to the downfall of Nazi tyranny. (RELATED: Here Are The Best D-Day Tributes On The Internet For The 74th Anniversary)

With the 75th anniversary of D-Day coming up, it’s important to remember the sacrifices the courageous soldiers of the Allied nations made to ensure the longevity of freedom and democracy. The film industry offers many touching, albeit gruesome, portrayals of the events of World War II, from the jungle warfare of the Pacific to the door-to-door conflicts in Eastern Germany.

In modern times, it’s tough to fathom such large-scale conflict and suffering, but these movies put into perspective how brutal the fighting really was, and how much we owe to those brave combatants. (RELATED: WWII Vet’s Harmonica Rendition Of The National Anthem Brings Down The House)

Below are five World War II movies to watch for the anniversary of D-Day to help you remember the soldiers of the Allied Forces, and all they gave to ensure your life, liberty and happiness.