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Afternoon Mirror: Sen. Grassley Really Doesn’t Want To Get Fat

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“I’m seeing people encourage and applaud the assault of conservatives (‘milkshaking’), and then throw an absolute hissy fit when someone is called mean names.We need a new word for this level of hypocrisy.” 

Jason Howerton, TheBlaze.

MOOD: “I just wanna get out and do something so I don’t get fat, I guess.” — Sen. Chuck Grassley, 85, (R-Iowa) to Roll Call’s HOH, on why he runs three miles four days a week. Forget about a running partner — he really doesn’t want one.

Buttigieg’s hubby wonders if his sexual orientation will get him tossed from military

“Could I be kicked out of the military for how I identify? Is it/ has it ever been illegal for me to marry others of the same identity? Just to start.” — Chasten Buttigieg, potential first man of the United States.

Thoughts on transgenders serving in the military 

Trip Gabriel, NYT: “POTUS’s rationale for banning transgender troops: They take lots of ‘drugs’ and the military bans ‘drugs.’”

Maggie Haberman, NYT: “[Piers] Morgan noted on his show that some soldiers take Viagra and that hasn’t been viewed as an impediment.”

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Raheem Kassam threatens to burn something 

“I mean I just don’t understand why people think I won’t just burn everything to the ground. I really, really will.” — Raheem Kassam, editor-in-chief, Human Events.

Tough guy added, “I’m not playing around. I’m playing for keeps.”

And then, “You guys see what happened today? We wrote one throw away line about David French getting fired from NRO and the WHOLE Conservative Inc establishment came at us. We are ONE MONTH old. Why were they so rattled? Coz we DO NOT CONSENT to their terms.”

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Finally, he doesn’t want to come to your ‘fucking’ cocktail parties

“There are some things you just ‘don’t say’ or ‘don’t do’. Unspoken rules. That way you keep getting invited to the cocktail parties and the galas. Fuck your cocktail parties.” — Kassam.

Day in the Life 

“When the worst person you know stalks your LinkedIn profile.” — Ben Smith, digital communications, formerly worked for Washington Examiner and interned for The Daily Caller. “And I think they’re now officially blocked on all social media platforms.”

Journo anticipates angry DM from CNN’s Tapper 

“Ha, Jake Tapper just said he was surprised the RNC went after Biden’s plagiarism because Melania Trump has also been accused of plagiarism.” — Brent Scher, staff writer, Washington Free Beacon.

“Careful now or you’ll get an angry DM.” — Curtis Houck, NewsBusters.

Scher replied, “I got an angry dm and unfollow last time I called CNN fake news.”

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Sam Stein paints a picture of Trump’s trip to London 

“This trip is the perfect illustration of a Trump trip: call the mayor of the host city a “loser,” endorse a divisive policy initiative in the host country, call a famous actress a ‘psycho’ on twitter at 1:30 in the morning before leaving the next day to visit your golf course.” — Sam Stein, The Daily Beast. (RELATED: Journalists Thump Trump for Blasting Bette Midler)

Dem presidential hopeful rips Trump on military verbiage

“You didn’t ‘give’ the military anything. That money belongs to American taxpayers (which you are not) & is appropriated by Congress (which you are not part of). So you are pretty much the only person in America who is NOT involved in funding the military.” — Rep. Seth Moulton, Democratic presidential hopeful. Moulton is a former Marine Corps officer who served in Iraq.

The Observer: “A fun thing I have learned recently is that I am one of four black senior writers in all of @voxmediainc.” — Jane Coaston, Vox Media.

Yashar Ali doesn’t like dark chocolate 

“I love when I say I don’t like a certain food and people will respond and say ‘more for me!’ As if there’s a global shortage of dark chocolate and tomatoes on burgers.” — Yashar Ali, elephant lover, freelancer, HuffPost, New York Mag.

Some sage advice 

“If a stranger’s words can hurt your feelings, get on your knees and thank God that you have a life so privileged. People with real problems would kill for the luxury of having enough energy to worry about their feelings.” — Jesse Kelly, contributor to The Federalist.

This woman is going to do something with her ‘tits’ 

“NEW STRATEGY EVERYONE. Gonna put grapefruits on my tits and tell everyone who doesn’t wana do licensing reform “fuck you” and sell merch hashtag change.” — Shoshana Weissmann, R Street Insitute’s digital media manager.

Juanita Broaddrick says Dems should get a pay cut 

“House Democrats propose a raise of $4500 for themselves for sitting on their A$$es for the last 2 years. They should get a PAY CUT.” — Bill Clinton accuser Juanita Broaddrick.


“Practiced integralism this morning by brushing my teeth in the shower.” — Joe Gabriel Simonson, Washington Examiner.

Gossip Roundup

Mother Jones editorial director (jokingly) says something crass to President Trump: “Hey, I don’t agree with you about everything. I have voiced objections in the past but I respect the office & wish you luck. Please remember we’re both humanbeings. I know you’re a human. Flesh & blood. Please remember I am a human too and stop fucking my wife.” — Ben Dreyfuss.

Eric Trump just wants to have fun. BBC reporter nabs him on pub crawl. “So I got to ask @EricTrump a question as the Trumps did a pub crawl thru Doonbeg – is his trip a good use of US taxpayer money? ‘We’re just trying to have a good time’ the answer, poses for selfies, refuses to answer further & ducks into Madigans pub surrounded by fans &security.” — Nuala McGovern, presenter, BBC World News.

Molly Jong-Fast, a contributor to The Bulwark,cracked, “As long as he’s having fun because that’s the point of government amusing the president’s overgrown spawns.”

CNN hires Trump hater Daniel Dale… “Holy hell, what a hire we’ve made! Can’t wait to work with @ddale8 instead of just admiring his work from afar.” — Kyle Feldscher, CNN, referring to Toronto Star‘s now former Washington Bureau Chief. Dale will factcheck Trump full-time.

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