Fired Pinterest Whistleblower Speaks Out About Big Tech Censorship That Protects ‘Abortion Lobby’

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Former Pinterest Engineer Eric Cochran made his television debut Wednesday speaking out against Big Tech censorship during an appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Cochran, the whistleblower who exposed his former employer’s censorship of pro-life group Live Action to James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, was summarily dismissed from Pinterest this week.

Internal documents obtained by Project Veritas from Cochran show the social media giant monitored Live Action, and a staff member allegedly added it to a “pornography block list,” presumably as a way to censor the anti-abortion group.

On Tuesday, Live Action was banned entirely from the platform for spreading “harmful information on Pinterest,” including “medical misinformation and conspiracies that turn individuals and facilities into targets for harassment and violence,” according to an email Live Action received from Pinterest support.

The next day, Project Veritas’ own account was temporarily suspended by Twitter for publishing “other people’s private information,” a Twitter employee told The Daily Caller News Foundation, after having made public the internal documents they obtained from Cochran.

During his Wednesday night interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Cochran discussed the “un-American” censorship shared by Big Tech, particularly their goal of protecting “the abortion lobby.”

“Why did you do this?” asked Carlson.

“I did this because I saw wrongdoing,” Cochran responded, “and the normalization of censorship within Big Tech companies right now is downright un-American. And I saw this as the fight for abortion. I saw a Big Tech company saying … behind closed doors that they believe that Live Action shouldn’t have a platform to speak, and the big thing is: I want them to have to … say this publicly instead of behind closed doors.

Cochran, who said he had no idea he was being fired until security came and “escorted” him out, discussed the “full cover-up mode” these companies are in as they try to “protect their pro-abortion stances.” (RELATED: ‘This Is Not The Capitalism That I Signed Up For’ — Tucker Carlson And Steve Hilton Discuss Busting Big Tech’s Monopoly)

He ended the interview by calling the story a “watershed moment” for whistleblowers currently working at Big Tech companies:

This is about abortion. You are seeing now with YouTube doing Pinterest’s bidding by removing the Project Veritas video. You are seeing that they are going to do whatever it takes. They are 100% in to protect the abortion lobby. And pro-lifers who exist within Big Tech companies — there’s a lot of us. They need to come to Project Verita,s and they need to expose what’s going on. They need to make these tech companies like I have explicitly say that ‘we are on the side of the abortion lobby.’

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