You’ll Never Be Woke Enough For The Liberal Mob

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s edition of the podcast, we get into how the angry liberal mob used to go after Taylor Swift for not being political, now they’re accusing her of exploiting gay activists because she has a song supporting them. We also explain why any proposal to ban flag burning is a political stunt and not serious, how the media spun a Trump joke into a “news” story about how he might not leave office, and O.J. Simpson is adding Twitter to the list of places he’s not going to spend any time looking for the “real killers.”

Listen to the show:

The Washington Post took an aside in a tweet by President Donald Trump and blew it into a story about how he might not leave office after 8 years if he’s reelected next year. It was clearly a joke, but it plays right into the hands of paranoid liberals who’ve been floating the idea that the president might try some sort of power grab to maintain power. Journalism isn’t just dead, it died from auto-erotic asphyxiation. We explain.

Banning flag burning is never going to happen. No matter what your feelings on the subject are, it would require a Constitutional amendment and the votes simply don’t exist for that. That reality won’t stop politicians from introducing legislation to try to do it, but it’s not going to happen. We explain why they do it anyway and how both parties exploit people’s emotions to manipulate them while claiming to be working toward something that simply will not ever happen (hint: it involves a lot of money).

After being attacked for not being political, now Taylor Swift is being attacked by the same leftists for “exploiting” politics, in this case “Gay Pride Month.” Her new song takes swipes at homophobia, but that hasn’t stopped liberal critics who’ve never gotten over the fact that she didn’t endorse Hillary Clinton. They’re accusing her of everything from exploitation to gay-baiting. If you’re a sane person who doesn’t know what those terms mean, we explain it all on the show.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in a softball interview on ABC’s This Week, tried to claim the Hyde Amendment is not about abortion. The only problem is the Hyde Amendment is explicitly about abortion, and only about abortion. But she wants it to be about the left-wing’s favorite pastime — race. It’s as insane as she is. We have the audio and break it all down.

“OJ Simpson is finally on Twitter,” said no one ever. But there he is anyway. He’s only posted 2 tweets, both videos of himself explaining how he’s got scores to settle, which makes you wonder if he knows what Twitter really is.

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