There’s A Lot Of Good (And Bad) CBD Products Out There. We Scoured The Internet And Found The Best

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Millions of Americans are trying CBD for the first time as it starts to become more and more widespread knowledge that the all natural ingredient in hemp does not contain any THC and is non-psychoactive. And, as of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD is now also perfectly legal to buy. The problem is that CBD itself isn’t exactly something that’s best taken as a traditional medication (i.e pill form). Instead it is best to find a product that contains CBD and targets the specific area of internal or external discomfort that you are looking for, in the form that you would like.

From candy to drops, the following products help with depression, anxiety, digestive issues, sleep disorders, joint problems, and more. Important disclosure: while CBD products are made with natural hemp-derived ingredients, and thus are much better for you than many perscription drugs (filled with chemicals) currently on the market, you should check with your doctor before trying any new supplement.

With that out of the way, here are the 10 best CBD products available for your perusal:

1. The domCBD Disposable CBD Vape Pen

vape pen

Try some CBD in a tasty package with the domCBD Disposable CBD Vape Pen. Enjoy a sweet blueberry flavor in a pre-filled and pre-charged vaporizer.

Buy Now: $26.99, slashed by 10%

2. The Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies


Say goodbye to the Sunday grumpies with Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies. Relax safely with CBD derived directly from family-owned hemp farms in Colorado. The gummies are also infused with Vitamin B12 and B3, boosting your immune and nervous system.

Buy Now: $29.99, slashed by 25%

3. The Sunday Scaries Vegan AF CBD Gummies


Vegans can now also enjoy the benefits of CBD! Sunday Scaries Vegan AF CBD Gummies are free of gelatin or other animal products while keeping the original Sunday Scaries blend. In addition to helping your body relax internally, the added organic sunflower oil is also a skin antioxidant.

Buy Now: $35.99, slashed by 18%

4. The FOMO Bones CBD Dog Treats


CBD isn’t just for humans! Your furry friend can also experience lessened anxiety, improved digestion, and more restful sleep with FOMO Bones CBD Dog Treats. The bone-shaped treats are made with natural ingredients like passion fruit and the herbal root valerian. Check with your vet before adding anything to your pup’s diet.

Buy Now: $32.99, slashed by 17%

5. The Medix 150 Mg CBD Topical Pain Relief Cream


There are multiple ways to consume CBD. Medix 150 Mg CBD Topical Pain Relief Cream is a natural way to relieve aching joints instantly. Whether your muscles are sore after an intense workout or just from your busy life, applying the raw hemp oil infused lotion directly to your skin is a natural way to feel better

Buy Now: $24.99, slashed by 58%

6. The High Potency CBD Peach Ring Gummies


Combine sweet flavored candy with the healing benefits of CBD when you try High Potency CBD Peach Ring Gummies. The familiar candy from your childhood can now help cure sleep disorders, depression, or inflammation.

Buy Now: $25.99, slashed by 48%

7. The Curapure CBD Oil Tincture Drops For Dogs


Being away from your pets can induce intense separation anxiety. Cure your furball’s blues with the peppermint-flavored Curapure CBD Oil Tincture Drops For Dogs. Make sure to always consult your veterinarian before giving your pup anything new.

Buy Now: $21.99, slashed by 40%

8. The High Potency CBD Sour Bear Gummies



Treat yourself to a sweet surprise with these High Potency CBD Sour Bear Gummies. They taste exactly like sour gummy bears while helping you deal with everyday stress and anxiety.

Buy Now: $24.99, slashed by 33%

9. The Sunday Scaries 500mg CBD Tincture

cbd drop

Just a quick drop of Sunday Scaries 500mg CBD Tincture can calm you down before a stressful presentation at work or an awkward family reunion. The signature Sunday Scaries blend is in the form of liquid drops that absorb into your tongue instantly. The added coconut oil gives you a quick shot of energy and organic stevia adds sweetness without real sugar.

Buy Now: $64.99, slashed by 7%

10. The High Potency CBD Watermelon Slice Gummies


A sweet bit of watermelon comes in candy form with the High Potency CBD Watermelon Slice Gummies. Chew these gummies for a sense of calmness that can improve sleep and digestion.

Buy Now: $25.99, slashed by 48%

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