‘It Was The Story Of The Century’ — Tucker Discusses Democrats’ Sudden Disinterest In The Mueller Investigation

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Tucker Carlson and “Reason” editor Robby Soave discussed how the “story of the century,” the Robert Mueller Russia investigation, has seemingly vanished from Democratic presidential candidate talking points despite being talked about nonstop for years.

The Fox News host began the Friday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment by noting how CNN “existed for more than two years” on “Russia and Robert Mueller.”

“Then, Robert Mueller testified before Congress and suddenly the story went away,” Carlson said. “It was invisible. For example, during CNN’s two nights of democratic debates, Russia and Robert Mueller were barely mentioned at all.”

“Did the scandal go away?” he asked Soave.


“It was the story of the century,” said Soave. “I mean, if they had spent as much time talking about Mueller and Russia collusion during the debate as they have spent night after night on some of the other networks, they would’ve spent the entire debate on this subject and never touched a second of policy.”

The “Reason” editor speculated that Democratic candidates likely do not “want to talk about the Mueller stuff anymore,” instead preferring to appeal to “the kind of voters they have to attract to have hopes of competing with Donald Trump.” (RELATED: Rachel Maddow Spends Opening Segment About Mueller Report On Verge Of Tears)

“There was always this kind of fiction that was being pushed by so many in the media, that the way we get rid of Trump, who we don’t like, is the Mueller investigation, is collusion, is bringing up these things,” Soave added. “There’s no other way to get rid of him. And actually, we are going to have an election in a year and a half. You could defeat Donald Trump if you were more invested in sort of the normal political process for replacing the president if you don’t like them.”

Soave likened the constant media onslaught to “Puritan sects who are “always promising the end of the world on some specific day and it doesn’t happen.”