CNN’s Brian Stelter Prayer Shames Mitch McConnell

CNN anchor Brian Stelter used Twitter to point out six instances where Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell offered prayers for those affected by mass shootings.

“Six of the times @SenateMajLdr Mitch McConnell offered prayers to the victims of mass shootings,” Stelter wrote above a graphic of McConnell’s tweets addressing shootings from 2017 onward, including El Paso.

The Twitter account @Richard_Harambe accused Stelter of “prayer shaming.”

The CNN host denied the accusation in a reply, insisting he is “all in favor of prayer,” but also “in favor of reporting on what politicians do and don’t do.” (RELATED: Texas Lt Gov Warns Antifa: ‘Stay Out Of Texas’ In Wake Of Walmart Shooting)

Daily Caller social media director Jessica Fletcher summed up the reaction from many conservatives on Stelter’s feed:

UPDATE: Stelter told the Daily Caller he was referring to this “Reliable Sources” segment pointing out McConnell but asking politicians in general what they are “going to do” about mass shootings.