Dana Loesch Hits Gun Control Logic: There Are ‘Too Many’ Illegals To Deport, But Gun Confiscation Is Possible

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Talk radio host and former National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that she wasn’t invited to CNN’s upcoming town hall on guns and mass shootings, but she doesn’t expect it “to go well.”

Appearing on Tuesday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Loesch also blasted the logic of gun control proponents who, in the wake of the weekend’s tragic mass shootings, continue to push their agenda.


Loesch began the interview by responding to a question from Fox News host Tucker Carlson about whether she planned to participate in CNN’s town hall. The then-NRA spokesperson famously battled a partisan crowd and pro-gun control student Emma Gonzalez at a February 2018 town hall hosted by the network following the Parkland school shooting.

“No. I wasn’t asked to participate,” she responded. “I always go everywhere good discussion is happening or where I think I can have some kind of impact in terms of bringing factual arguments and reasoned-based arguments to the subject, because it’s incredibly important. So they didn’t ask me.”

The conservative radio host told Tucker she doesn’t “have the highest expectation that it’s going to go well” given how the last one went and the fact that CNN anchor Chris Cuomo — a vocal proponent of gun control — will be hosting as moderator. (RELATED: Dana Loesch Question On Gun Control Stops Eric Swalwell In His Tracks)

“I think that’s asking a lot of viewers to sort of suspend their reality and accept him as that neutral individual,” she said. “I don’t think they can.”

“What do you make of Joe Biden’s promise that if elected he’ll send armed federal agents to the homes of law-abiding Americans and demand their guns,” Carlson asked, referring to Biden’s Monday comments. “What would happen if he did that?”

“Wow,” said Loesch. “I’m amazed at this argument from individuals who say that you can’t deport people who enter the country illegally because there’s too many of them, but yet at the same time, they say you can go door-to-door to millions of homes and you can take a perfectly legally-owned, legal to own objects from law-abiding innocent people.”

“You are confiscating guns by force. What are you going to use to take people’s guns? … Guns!” she added.

Loesch pointed out that the Clinton-era assault weapons ban was “unsuccessful” as crime “was already on a downward trend beginning in 1992.”

“In fact, gun homicides and violent crime period are down by 49%, but that’s not what most people in legacy media want you to know,” she concluded.