FEC Chair Says Trump ‘Undermines Democracy’ With Voter Fraud Claims

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Federal Election Commission (FEC) Chairwoman Ellen Weintraub argued Monday that a failure to accept the results of free and fair elections “undermines our democracy.”

“There is no evidence of rampant voter fraud in 2016,” Weintraub told CNN host John Berman. “To be suggesting to people that if the candidate they choose doesn’t win, that it’s because of fraud, that undermines our democracy.”


Weintraub was pushing back against President Donald Trump’s repeated accusations of voter fraud that he has claimed may have cost him a greater margin of victory in 2016.

Weintraub made no mention of the potential impact on our democracy with regard to the Mueller investigation and the host of Democrats and pundits who constantly alleged that Trump was only president because his campaign had colluded with Russia — a claim discredited in the first section of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the issue.

She also omitted any reference to failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, who never officially conceded her loss in 2018. She has repeatedly blamed “voter suppression” for her opponent’s victory and claimed that she “feels comfortable” saying that she won. (RELATED: Stacey ‘Don’t Run For Second Place’ Abrams Is Now Open To Being Any Democrat’s VP)

Trump accused Google of manipulating the 2016 election in a Monday tweet, claiming that if it wasn’t for the tech giant’s alleged interference, his margin of victory would have been greater.